Videos / Reels

Ashley sisters around the World

Short Trailer of the Ashleys sisters travelling Europe. Trailer created by Amber Lynn Ashley.

Nothing Personal

What ever you do, don't try to take this case from me. What's in it is top secret. Not even a "freind" can take it. But if you do well....  "Nothing personal".

Writen and filmed by Elgin Cahill. 



White Swann

A selected re-enactment scene from the movie Half nelscon. Directed by Josiah Holwick.

Amber Lynn Ashley Demo Reel 

A little proof of the talent. Worth watching out for her on the big screen. 

Romeo Must Die Monologue

This is a monologue from Romeo Must Die. 

The character "Trish" is telling a story about her brother. 

Audition Style in class practice

In class practise on how to audition well on tape. 

Children's Hospital Colorado Commercial 

Children's Hospital Colorado commercial. Because "here it's different." Featuring Amber Ashley as the Hero Mom.